Pure Jute

Our story begins in India, her people and fibres. From farmer to customer, Pure Jute strives for Transparency and Openness in the entire chain.

Together we can give meaning to a valuable trade with dignity for human and environment.

Quality: Pure Jute works with the highest certifications and strives for extraordinary products. Pure Jute stands for purity, handcraft, neat products and delivery on time.

Pure: is our Attitude, Pure is our Motivation. Pure is our Mission we spread all over the world.

Transparent: Pure Jute is Transparent in her communication with the customer and supplier. Pure Jute is honest about the people who are involved in the process, what their circumstances are and what she strives for in life.

Attention: for India, Its people, culture, nature and talents. Attention for the projects that are possible with Pure Jute

Dedication: to man, animal and the environment

Cooperation & Communication: between India and Europe. Together we can strengthen our powers for a better world where everyone can live up to their potential. Pure Jute is committed to her supplier and customer, and stands for a sustainable and lasting collaboration. We will work together as a team and treat each other with respect and dignity.

Consideration: for the customer and the people that make it for you.

Sustainability: is what makes Pure Jute special and lasting. We use sustainable fibres and textiles, free from chemicals, that last for a long time without losing it’s strength.