Poor Aged Citizens of Kolkata

Food and Personal Safety Basket for Poor Aged Citizens of Kolkata, West Bengal, India.


Kolkata’s slums are well known among many people of the world. There are more than 100.000 families who live in the slums and on the streets, amidst filth in unhygienic conditions. The number of elderly people living alone is also increasing with many families break ups, and the aged parents are often left to mend for themselves. Many of these elderly have no one to access to. In case of elderly living in shanties, shacks and hovels, the situation is worse as they are highly exposed to various sicknesses, and they cannot seek medical help easily. This project aims to support elderly people (60+) who have to survive in the slums of Kolkata. #2getherforNature-purejute supports thereby the foundation ‘Seva Kendra Kolkata’, who is compassionate about the suffering of the poor, sick and needy in the region of Kolkata and works hard to promote peace, justice and development in all its working areas. Especially for the senior citizens in Kolkata, we facilitates 10 medical camps, distribution of food baskets to 2000 elderly people and 100 houses of 100 elderly people will be repaired, to get the elderly out of their miserable conditions. Besides the practical help offered, we are committed in making people aware of this problem. In the Advents period, people can buy products from Pure Jute to support this project. In coöperation with Dutch Advents campaign 2012.